Contact Allied Pavers if you need pavers in Naples, Marco Island or beyond. A lot goes into creating the perfect outdoor space. Specialty pavers from Allied Paver Systems are designed to meet the unique needs of residential, commercial and industrial customers and often feature thicker construction or special features. Working with a professional contractor like Allied Pavers can help you get everything you need for your customized dreamscape!

We exist for one purpose: to make outside your kind of beautiful. This goes beyond turning creativity and craftsmanship into lasting outdoor spaces. It means bringing your custom hardscape designs to life, together. Because with Allied Pavers, you get more than just beautiful customized paver products, you get a partner to help you every step of the way.

Ignite your creativity with our team of visual professionals—trained to help you explore and experiment with different styles, paver colors and design principles.

Allied Pavers is an Authorized Contractor and are trained to deliver superior craftsmanship, ensuring your outdoor space features only the most contemporary work.

Creating your outdoor living space design begins with a few decisions on color, pattern and materials. But with so many possibilities, how do you choose? The answer is asking more questions. How much space do you have to work with? How do you intend to use it? What’s the exterior color of your home? Answers to questions like these will create strong and productive outdoor living designs for you and your contractor to build from.

How will you use your space?
The best way to start your outdoor project is to understand how you intend to use your space. Are you putting in a pool? Will you be hosting large parties? Or maybe the space is meant for cooking outside on a warm summer evening? While the sky's the limit, it's important to narrow your outdoor living plans to one or two key areas and focus your design on those.

Walk around your ideas
Once you determine the intended use of your space, you can begin to consider its layout. Go outside, walk around and see how you move through it. If it’s a private reading nook, how will you walk there from your nearest entry? What about a path to your garage? If you’re planning on eating under the stars but not building an outdoor kitchen, you’ll want to make sure the path from your home to the seating area isn’t cumbersome. Above all, you don’t want to put in pavers and then find out it’s not the right walking path. These decisions will influence the type of pavers you choose and our outdoor space design guides are here to help you navigate these choices.

Finding your colors
Your paver colors should harmonize with the tones of your home environment, which is why we offer many paver color options. You can avoid monotony by combining colors, or by using blended hues to provide a little character. Remember, not everything needs to match perfectly. Hardscape colors should complement your home and tie the entire space together. Understanding your vision before you start your outdoor project is crucial in choosing paver colors. This will help you and Allied Pavers match tones with intent.

Light vs Dark
We recommend choosing pavers with similar tones for a coordinated effect. Lighter colors reflect light better and open up your space, while darker tones absorb light to create the opposite effect.

Blended Benefits
A multicolor blend combines two or more colors in a single paver. They're perfect for building a new space into an environment, and for camouflaging minor stains that can happen over time.

Working with the Sun
When designing your space, it's important to consider where the sun hits and for how long. Colors can shift over time depending on the strength of the sunlight.

Selecting Paver Shapes and Patterns
Natural, Classic and Transitional paver styles from Allied Pavers give you the freedom to realize your vision in a variety of ways. From dynamic masterpieces to projects of simple, understated beauty—anything is possible with the right paver and a little planning.

Patterns Based on Architecture
Looking to match the architectural qualities of your home? Here are a few considerations:

  • For homes with straight lines, geometric pavers in simple patterns will complement them nicely.
  • For ornate Victorian-style homes, echo the arched windows and doors with your paver patterns.
  • For rectangular Colonial homes, repeat the look by using brick-shaped pavers

Hardscape Patterns Based on Paver Shape
Have a specific look you'd like to accomplish with pavers? Here are a few suggestions:

  • To help narrow areas like walkways appear wider, consider laying pavers in diagonal or horizontal rows.
  • Help larger areas feel tight and unified by using grids of rectangular pavers.
  • Pavers in the Natural Collection can be arranged so the pattern is barely visible, for a truly random feel.

All Allied Pavers products carry a manufacturers warranty and are specific to the type of architectural installation: residential and commercial.
Different products and applications may carry different warranties.